Serve with us!

Campus serve

One of the best ways to get connected at Crossroads is by joining a campus serving team. Experience fellowship, new friendships, and connections, while blessing others. There are many different ways you can serve here at Crossroads. Every week, you can help others who use their time and energy in caring for and teaching the kids or students, in serving as a host, welcoming guests and staying behind to tear down with the team, leading small groups, and the list goes on.


If Crossroads stopped existing in Austin, would anyone notice, or care? It’s a question worth asking, and answering. We desire to answer this question by becoming a viable partner with serving organizations in our city, and by showing through our service the acceptance and love that Jesus has for all people.


God is at work in our world, even if we aren’t always aware of it. At Crossroads, we believe that God desires for us to partner with Him in this work by helping to meet the physical, relational and spiritual needs of all nations. As a church, we have worked to develop strategic partnerships in these countries.

This year we will be going to Haiti, Sri Lanka, and Central Asia.