Welcome to Crossroads Kids — a safe place for children from birth to 5th grade to grow and learn about Jesus! Our goal is to partner with families to shape their kids to love God and love others and we desire all children in North Austin to experience the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ in ways that are geared to their specific developmental stage. Because of this, we have designed our ministry around small groups so that every kid will have an adult investing in them by knowing them, loving them, and sharing God’s truth with them — and we have a lot of fun in the process!

Our Goal

A parent’s influence in a child’s life is of the utmost importance. In Crossroads kids we realize that you have been called to be the primary spiritual care-giver in his or her life. Our goal is to help give you the resources to do that well and to create environments where your child can have a blast learning about God. That is why we have partnered with an organization that helps the church and the parent work closely together. That organization is called Orange.

The Church

Each Sunday your child will learn a very simple truth from God’s word and have a lot of fun doing it. We believe Sunday should be the most fun hour of your child’s week. Your child will bring home verses for them to memorize, as well as activities that draw them closer to God. Our teachers are well trained, have had background checks, and love to serve your kids.

You: The Parent

Every week we want to cue you so you can make the most of the time you have with your kids, because we know they grow up so fast. That is why we encourage you to download the Parent Cue. Along with this resource and their app that you can find in your app store, you will have the tools you need to have a powerful impact on your child’s development. In addition, these resources walk alongside the curriculum your child will be receiving in that week’s lesson time.

Contact Alli Bivone for more info or any questions you may have!